How many times have you looked closely at how delicate petals are interwoven to create a beautiful flower or reflected on how a shimmering pool of water can alter your perception of the world around you?
When was the last time you noticed that indescribable spark in your child’s smile or that gentle glance that allows you to peer into the soul of someone you love?
I first began to see those memorable snap-shots of life develop before my eyes while experimenting with my father’s Yashica Mat camera as a teenager. The lens forced me to focus on details that most of us so easily over-look.
The powerful feelings these pictures evoked within me lured me into taking photography classes while I was studying Art History at Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, MA. I continued developing my skills while working on the yearbook and tackling other side projects.
I never realized this passion would grow into a 35 year career as a News Videographer in Los Angeles, California where the lens of my camera would capture both human suffering and triumphs that have shaped our world. My hard work paid off when I earned a prestigious Peabody Award, an Emmy and a couple of Golden Mics.
But nothing compares to capturing that single moment, in a single shot… the kind of photograph that can be interpreted in so many ways. It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words and I hope those in my galleries will spark thousands more…